The 12 Most Expensive Things in the World

Have you ever thought that if you had an endless amount of money, you could spend your money on strange and incredible things? By the way, some people have this luxury. In this article, we are looking at the most expensive things in the world that only the wealthiest people can afford. 


12.Treskilling Yellow Stamp: $2.3 million

The 12 Most Expensive Things in the World
Image Source – Wikipedia  

While post stamps cost less than a dollar at most, one rare 1855 stamp has defied any value in price known as the treskilling yellow stamp. This Sweden’s post stamp is not only the most expensive of its kind but, it is also the only one known to exist.

What makes this post stamp incredibly valuable is its color while, the three skilling stamps printed were blue-green shades, this $2.3 million piece came out as yellow and orange.

The auction house first valued the stamp at $1.5 million but, it ultimately sold to an unknown bidder for $2.3 million who now owns the world’s only Treskilling Yellow Stamp.


11. One Thousand Dollar Bill: $2.04 million

One Thousand Dollar Bill: $2.04 million
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One might think that a thousand dollar bill will cost as much as its value so, one thousand dollars but, that’s where you’d be wrong one particular $1,000 Bill sold at a stunning $2.04 million. Back in the 19th century, the dollar bill is called the holy grail of paper money and sold at an auction in Baltimore.

The 1890 Treasury note is dubbed The Grand Watermelon due to its large green zeros on the back of the bill while the front displayed Major General George Meade, who was the commander of the Union forces at the Battle of Gettysburg. 


10. Bluefin Tuna: $3.1 million

Bluefin tuna expensive fish: $3.1 million
Image Source –  washingtonpost

While most canned tunas can be purchase at the supermarket for less than ten bucks, one species of tuna is so rare and extraordinary that its price rises well above a couple of million. Bluefin tuna is the largest tuna species in the world and is an excellent delicacy used in sushi and sashimi.

During the 2019 Tokyo market, this species of tuna sold for a jaw-dropping $3.1 million naturally driven by such high prices fishermen all over the world do incredible things and technologies for a chance to catch the rare fish. 

This particular 612 pound and 278-kilogram Bluefin tuna displayed at the 2019 Tokyo auction and bought by the Kiyomura Corporation, whose owner runs the Sushi Zanmai restaurant chain. 


9. Honus Wagner: $3.12 million

Honus Wagner: $3.12 million
Image Source – Wikipedia

If you’re an avid sports card collector, take a quick look around your collection because one day, you might stumble upon a card that is worth much more than you can imagine. This world’s most expensive card is the T 206 Honus Wagner baseball card that ultimately sold for $3.12 million at an auction.

This iconic card was printed between 1909 and 1911 and produced by American Tobacco Company (ATC.) This top and mint condition antique has reached such mythical proportions that it’s often called the card. 

While many Hollywood stars, moguls, and business executives wanted to own a legendary card, this rare item has a controversial history and origin.


8. Crystal Piano: $3.22 million

Crystal Piano: $3.22 million
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You’ve ever wanted to play a beautiful piece of classical music on a clean glass-like piano and have a spare $3.22 million then the Heintzman crystal piano is a perfect choice for you.

The Heinzman and company is a Canadian piano manufacturing company that has been making groundbreaking instruments since the 1860s. 

This record-breaking piano worth more than $3.22 million was first introduced to the world during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and is said to be the world’s most expensive and valuable piano. This grand piano is a futuristic masterpiece entirely made from crystal and exclusively built for a big concert hall performance.

The instrument was played by the world-famous pianist Lang Lang during the 2008 Olympic Games but is said to have been sold to an anonymous bidder ever since. 

While the Kawai transparent and silver piano has come close to the Heintzman instrument by its design and overall style, nothing can compare to the world breaking the $3.22 million Heintzman crystal piano.


7. Double Eagle Coin: $7.6 million

Double Eagle Coin: $7.6 million
Image Source – Wikipedia

Collectors from all walks of life try to find the rarest items with the highest values. While many failed during several attempts once in a while, a piece comes along that shocks the world with this incredible price and value, this rare 1933 double eagle is just that piece of art.

This incredible $20 double eagle is the most expensive gold coin to ever sold at auction or amongst collectors. With only 13 coins in the world that display an eagle on both sides, this incredible gold coin has a value of $7.6 million with a mass of just 33 grams.


6. Pink-Blue Enamel Moonflasks: $16 million

Pink-Blue Enamel Expensive Moonflasks: $16 million
Image Source – Wikimedia

Chinese porcelain has established a name for extraordinary beauty, and the value of pink-blue white enamel moon flask is no exception. This superb example of Imperial Chien lung porcelain has a price tag of $16 million.

Its outstanding artistry and six-character seal mark date back to the 18th century when the Ching Wong Emperor the sixth of the ching dynasty ruled over China.

With white shade at its base, intricate blue dragon-like shapes diverged throughout the Moon flask. Sweeping pink Phoenix grabs the viewer’s attention as their Center placement makes a powerful statement like no other.

This 19 inch or 49-centimeter high porcelain art has two dragon squirrel handles on each side giving, the piece of perfect finish from bottom to the top.


5. Patek Philippe Pocket Watch: $24 million

Patek Philly Pocket Watch: $24 million
Image Source – luxuo

One pocket watch that broke its record at auction is the Patek Phillipe pocket watch sold at a staggering $24 million, this pocket watch is the most expensive timepiece in the world.

It’s intricate detailing and accents make this Patek Phillipe super-complicated piece a must-have for any watch enthusiast an aficionado, weighing about a pound in gold. The movements inside the watch produced from three-stack layers that joined to create a stunning display.


4. William Shakespeare Signature: $30 million

$5 million for one signature

 William Shakespeare Signature: $30 million
Image Source – Wikimedia

When William Shakespeare’s name is mentioned, the Mind naturally goes to his iconic plays in science that to this day is still an essential part of the English language and literature. The Mind behind 39 Plays, over 150 sonnets, and two long narrative poems is mostly known for Hamlet, Othello, and the world-famous Romeo and Juliet.

His standard poetic form composed of iambic pentameter, and his verbal skills are unmatched by any other great writer in the world so, it doesn’t come as a shock that the English poet’s signature would be worth a lot.

It is estimated that only six Shakespeare signatures still exist in the universe today, all found on four separate legal documents that date back to 1612 and 1616, the last four years of his life.

Said to be priceless if ever sold at auctions, each signature would cost around $5 million, making them the most valuable and expensive autographs in the world. Three of the documents are kept in the National Archives, while the last remains as part of the permanent collection of the British Museum.


3. Leonardo da Vinci Codex Leicester: $30.8 million

Leonardo da Vinci Codex Leicester: $30.8 million
Image Source – Wikimedia

What was once Leonardo da Vinci’s manuscript full of the scientist’s ideas, sketches, and diagrams now belongs to the billionaire and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The Codex Leicester is a manuscript that dates back to the 16th century the software engineer is said to have bought it for an impressive $30.8 million.

This 72-page notebook is a rare glimpse inside Da Vinci’s mind with mirror image style writing and old Italian. This Codex is a one-of-a-kind object in the universe.


2. Gutenberg Bible: $25-35 million

Gutenberg Bible: $25-35 million
Image Source – Wikimedia

The Gutenberg Bible is one of the excellent examples of the earliest book printings in the world printed by Johannes Gutenberg. Present-day Germany in 1450, this historic Bible remains one of the most expensive books in the world.

While there are only 49 Bibles known to exist, only 21 are complete. For years collectors from all over the world have been trying to piece together the incomplete pages one by one, and all the completed works displayed in museums and libraries. It costs around $25-35 million.


1. Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase: $83 million

Image Source –


This extraordinary rare find dates back to the late 17th and 18th centuries belongs to one of China’s most successful dynasties valued at $83 million this Chinese porcelain is the world’s most expensive vase. 

The Pinner Qing Dynasty vase was picked up by an explorer uncle in the late 1920s and has been a family decoration until the real price and value of the vase are revealed. Now after several auctions and reselling, this extraordinary colorful porcelain vase belongs to an unnamed Chinese industrialist.


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