Best Cheap Android Tablet 2021

Why is this Vankyo Matrixpad S30 cheap Android tablet so popular? It has thousands of five-star reviews with an average of 4.5 stars overall. Is it something that you probably give to your kids, or can it take on more intensive tasks like photo editing or more intensive gaming? How does it compare to the similarly priced Kindle Fire HD 10? 

Best Cheap Android Tablet 2021

The build quality is excellent, surprisingly lightweight, and sleek. The S30 runs Android Pie 9, which means zero bloatware. First of all, let’s talk about the screen it’s pretty sharp, nice and clean, great colors but it’s lacking in brightness. That not only means that viewing angles are pretty limited but, unless you’re sitting in a dimly lit room, you’re constantly going to see a reflection of yourself while using it.

There is a black and white reading mode, which you can activate in the display settings to give you a bit more of a Kindle-like reading experience, but it doesn’t overly help to resolve the glare issue in brightness. The rear and front-facing cameras are decent enough for your average Skype or zoom call but certainly nothing worth using for any photos that you care about. 

The speakers are decent enough, certainly nothing groundbreaking but an improvement over previous models, which were a little on the quiet side. In terms of battery life, things are pretty average with anywhere from 5 to 10 hours of battery life, of course, depending on how intensive your usage is. The battery takes around 4 hours to fully charge but, slow charging speeds are pretty common with cheaper tablets.

Let’s talk about performance during more intensive tasks like gaming, photo-editing, and moderately intensive tasks like when watching Netflix or YouTube. During gaming, things were surprisingly impressive with very little hardware like when playing games like Call of Duty mobile and PUBG mobile although, at their lowest graphic settings. Needless to say, other less intensive games run well, and the overall quality of the screen makes this a pretty good option for lite gaming sessions. 

However, photo editing and anything remotely creative on the S30 is where it struggles, you couldn’t even edit a photo in Lightroom as the sliders themselves lag when you move them, and it takes quite a while for the S30 to render the changes.

Watching Netflix and YouTube has been great. Performance-wise the only time it struggles is if, say you’re installing an app or updating a large app in the background, which can make playback stutter. Other than that, there have been no issues during regular playback at all.

It is more than equipped for browsing the internet, reading ebooks, listening to your podcasts through wireless earbuds, watching YouTube and Netflix, Gaming, and Skype video call with decent quality pretty much everything there that your average consumer would want a tablet for.


  • Long-lasting battery life 

  • Great performance during gaming and everyday tasks

  • A Decent Camera  

  • Zero bloatware thanks to Android Pie 9


  • Not good for creative tasks 

  • Slightly below average screen brightness 

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