Top 10 Biggest Fish Ever Caught

Some miracles have happened in the fish world. These fish are exponentially larger than anything seen before. Here is a list of the 10 Biggest fish ever caught.

10. The Mekong Giant Catfish

Mekong giant catfish
© Suthep Kritsanavarin / WWF Laos

As you can probably guess from its name, the Mekong giant catfish is large. After all, they achieve lengths of about two and a half meters weights of about 250 kilograms that are typically found vegetating at the bottom of Thailand’s Mekong River.

However, the crown jewel of these catfish was caught in 2005 when an unusually large specimen came in at about 2.7 meters long and weighed an impressive 293 kilograms making it a contender for the largest freshwater fish ever recorded.

Unfortunately, it did not survive despite attempts to pump steroids into it to boost its strength, and thus it was later eaten by the locals.

While this would typically not be a big deal due to it considered to be critically endangered by the world conservation union, the catching and killing of this massive fish were unquestionably far from ideal.

9. The Albino Sturgeon

The Albino Sturgeon
Credit: MarketWire

Large sturgeons are certainly a sight to behold but finding a super-sized specimen that’s also albino is near impossible. However, this is what happened when the British couple Michael and Margaret Snell of Salisbury England reeled in a 3.8-meter white sturgeon that weighed 500 kilograms and had a 53-inch girth while fishing in Chilliwack British, Columbia.

Typically speaking, white sturgeons reach a maximum length of about 2.1 meters, making the one they found a real monster. Despite it being a true sight to behold, it did not officially break the record due to it being released back into the water rather than killed. 

8. The Hammerhead

The Hammerhead
Image Source: NYTimes

While they may not be quite as scary as the great white, the hammerhead shark is unquestionably not a fish that should underestimate. After all, these large fish typically comes in at about 6 meters in length and half a ton in weight, and it often uses its massive head to pin down stingrays to eat them as prey.


However, what makes the hammerhead stand apart is it’s difficult to catch, and thus many anglers have tried their head in catching this elusive prize and as a result of such efforts.


In May of 2006, Captain Bucky Dennis managed to reel in the giant hammerhead ever cut off the coast of Boca Grande, Florida. This super-sized shark came in at the best of 0.64 tons, which was the best instead of throwing it. Captain Dennis opted to donate the sample to the Moat Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida, and where it dissected for the benefit of the scientific community.


7. The Ratfish

Biggest fish ever caught
Image posted on Twitter by Baja Expeditions

Deepwater creatures have a reputation for looking a little strange. The story of the ratfish shows that this creature is no exception see said ratfish was caught by Norwegian fisherman Oscar Lundahl (19) off the Norwegian island of Andøya as he was fishing for blue habit at a depth of about 800 meters below the surface.

While he wasn’t expecting to see this strange fish, he said that its dinosaur-like appearance was quite a shock when he was reeling it in and its massive eye made it stand apart from anything he had caught previously.

Although it, unfortunately, didn’t survive the trip up to the surface due to the extreme change in pressure, he said that after frying it up at home, it made for an excellent meal. 

6. The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna
Courtesy IGFA /

Bluefin tuna weighing as much as 250 kilograms and growing to as large as two and a half meters have the potential to bring in massive amounts of cash. As such, they fished across the northeastern seaboard of the United States and the east coast of Canada. 

It was off the small Canadian town of Aulds Cove Nova, Scotia, that history was truly made because, on October 26 of 1979, a fisherman by the name of ken Fraser went toe-to-toe with a massive Bluefin tuna for about 45 minutes before finally bringing it in.

As its weight ended up being an incredible 679 kilograms and its length about 3.7 meters making it by far the giant Bluefin tuna ever recorded across all species.

However, when you consider that the US national marine fishery service claims that a 910-kilogram fish theoretically could exist, perhaps we’ll see this long-standing record beaten sometime soon. 

5. The Bull Shark

The Bull Shark
Courtesy IGFA /

While all sharks are pretty impressive in their own right, any shark with the word bull in its name is bound to be pretty tough.

Now, this is unquestionably the case with the bull shark, which is a species found in waters across the world typically, measuring in at a length of 2.4 meters and a weight of 130 kilograms, these sharks are known to be territorial, aggressive, and unpredictable.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that it’s a thrilling fish to try to catch but, the man with the honor of catching the largest ever was Australian angler Bryce Henderson who in February of 1994, caught a 316-kilogram bull shark specimen off the coast of Port Stephens Australia.

Making it more than double the size of a typical bull shark, it was indeed an impressive feat, and it’s unlikely to be matched any time soon.

4. The Ocean Sunfish

The ocean sunfish
Photograph: Linette Grzelak

There are many different species of bony fish out there none come anywhere near the size of the ocean sunfish. That is because this species holds the distinction of being the largest bony fish in the world as it often weighs up to a thousand kilograms and comes up to 4.2 meters in length.

Now, as you can probably guess from their name, they are typically found in warm water and located in various water bodies where they feed on many species of jellyfish, squid, and crustaceans.

However, while these fish may be pretty massive, the largest one of them all was caught in 1996 when said specimen came in at an astonishing 2300 kilograms. Yet as fishing techniques continue to improve, perhaps this specimen will be ousted by another soon.

3. The Great White Shark

The Great White Shark
Courtesy IGFA /

The man that can claim to have caught the largest shark ever was Alfred Dean of southeastern Australia. It’s because while fishing outside the waters of the small town of Ceduna, Australia, In April of 1959, he snagged a massive shark on his hook and wrestled for about 70 minutes before finally pulling it. 

Bringing the monster to the nearby denial bay, the shark ended the massive ringing of 1208 kg, and while it may not be as large as some giant shark recorded in the wild.

To put the dean’s feet into perspective, no shark fisher since then has caught anything within 340 kilograms of this record. As a result, unless shark fishing technology massively improves, it will likely hold the record for years to come.

The Giant shark
Image: Juan Oliphant / One Ocean Diving

However, the Giant shark of all time was quite large, named Deep Blue he tagged off the coast of Mexico 20 years ago. Recently he was spotted by divers off the coast of Oahu in Hawaii.

It was at this point that the 50-year-old shark recorded as being two and a half tons, meaning that he significantly outweighed all of his other great white counterparts as such deep blue truly is impressive.

2. The Black Marlin

The Black Marlin
Courtesy IGFA /

Swordfish are easily one of the most spectacular fish out there but, among them, none is quite as impressive as the black marlin. Black marlin found throughout the Pacific Ocean has been observed to have a maximum length of 4.65 m with 750 kg and a top speed of 36 kilometers per hour.

As such, the black marlin is an absolute tank of a fish and therefore shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s one of the most highly prized game fish in the world.

However, as far as records are concerned, it is Alfred C. Glassell Jr who holds the honor of catching the giant 710 kg black marlin in Peru in August of 1953. 

An American oil magnate and professional fisherman by trade, he was featured on several national fishing teams and was known to be an avid philanthropist to marine biology research programs. 

1. The Whale Shark

Image Source: Wikimedia

Ordinary whale sharks reach lengths of about 9.8 meters and weigh in at about 9 tons, with this species managing to get to these impressive sizes thanks in part to the copious amounts of plankton they consume.

However, despite their massive size, they are one of the most docile fish in the sea as they will often be very friendly with human divers. As a result, a whale shark is the definition of a gentle giant and thus can often measure without having to be caught.

Edward Percival wright
Image Source: Wikipedia

The giant and most obscure recordings were done in 1868 when Irish natural scientist Edward Percival wright told that there were specimens upwards of 21 meters in the area around Seychelles.  

In more modern times, the giant recorded individuals were slightly smaller, with an 18-meter individual measured in the wild in 1994 and a 20.75-meter long specimen being measured in 1995 after it got stranded on the Ratnagiri coast. 

Regardless it goes without saying that no matter which individual you think holds the title, whale sharks certainly are some of the most massive fish out there.

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