How to be Happy and Positive All the Time

We tend to believe that money, possessions, and fame are the keys to happiness in life when we are younger. However, as we grow older and wiser, we know that these things are overrated and that it is the simple things in life that bring us true joy in all the stresses, big and small, that come with each day.

It’s easy to condemn, complain, and be skeptical, but the real goal in life is to be happy, regardless of your circumstances or position.

In this blog, I’ve listed 10 Ways How to be Happy and Positive in life.

1. Fresh Air

How to be happy and positive all the time

For many of us glued to a computer screen for hours upon hours each day. It could be hard to pry ourselves away for even a few minutes, but if you can force yourself to take a 20 to 30-minute break and get some fresh air, it’ll increase your energy efficiency and elevate your mood.

Stepping outside can do wonders for your mental health and state of mind, so be sure to get a change of scenery outside, of course, to reset your attitude and keep you staying happy and positive.

2. Be With Loved Ones

Be With Loved Ones

Something we often hear from people near the end of their lives is that they regret not spending enough time with loved ones. We often think that working, traveling, or spending time alone is meaningful and fulfilling.

But studies have found that spending time with loved ones and maintaining those emotional connections will help you to live a happier and more positive life. We also know that having social support helps us deal with the life challenges that we often face.

3. Plan for Something

Plan for Something

Without a doubt, this is true for me, and 2020 has been a challenging year because of the travel restrictions. But I’ve always found that when I have something fun or exciting on the horizon, whether it’s a vacation or a party or even some event, I always feel happier knowing that I have something to look forward to.

Whether it’s tomorrow, next week, next month, or later in the year, having a plan for something down the road keeps us feeling happy and optimistic about the future.

4. Shorten your Commute

Shorten your Commute

If you live in a suburb and spend lots of time driving to the places that are a part of your daily life like the office, gym, supermarket, that’s lots of time-wasted commuting. In life, time is precious, and if you’re sitting in traffic, you’re not making the most efficient use of your time. I can walk to most places, so I’m much happier. It may not be possible for everyone, but if you can shorten your daily commute, you’ll see the benefits almost immediately.

5. Exercise


You don’t have to be athletic to get enough exercise, simply walking for 20 minutes each day can boost your mood and happiness levels. Moving your body will give you more energy, help you relax, improve your sleep, help you think more clearly, and make you look and feel healthier overall.

Exercise causes your brain to release endorphins which are naturally occurring mood-boosting chemicals. Endorphins give you that high feeling, making you feel happier and more positive throughout the day.

6. Volunteer


All too often, it seems we focus on what makes us feel happy and fulfilled. But what many people don’t realize is that when we help others and do things that make other people happy, we’re also helping ourselves at the same time.

Volunteering is a great way to kill two birds with one stone by being of service to others while at the same time enriching our own lives. People who volunteer regularly insist that it adds meaning purpose, and fulfillment to their lives.

7. Show Gratitude

Show Gratitude

Psychological research studies have shown that there is a very close connection between gratitude and happiness. Experiencing gratitude allows us to experience positive emotions, build and maintain strong relationships, appreciate good experiences, overcome adversity, and improve our overall health.

People who show gratitude for the things that they have, tend to be happier and more positive overall. It’s never good to be envious of what others have, instead focus on yourself and be grateful for what you have.

8. Meditate


If you want to be happier and more positive in the long term, try meditation. People who meditate regularly have said that it keeps them calm, reduces stress, keeps their mind clear, enhancing their attention span and focus.

All of these benefits contribute to overall happiness and positivity so, if you’re looking for a heightened sense of awareness and contentment, meditation is sure to leave you feeling energized, happier, and more positive.

9. Sleep


To feel happier, more productive, and more focused throughout the day, we must get enough sleep at night. Sleep allows our bodies to physically and mentally recover from the previous day.

Studies have shown that people who get an adequate amount of sleep each night are calmer and feel less vulnerable to negativity. Of course, most of us don’t always get a good night’s sleep, so a short afternoon nap can also help give you the total amount of sleep that you need and guess what I love a good nap.

10. Smile


This is so easy to do, and it doesn’t take much effort at all. It’s a fact that simply smiling can tell your brain to feel happy, which has a positive effect on your overall health as a result. Smiling produces a chemical reaction in your brain, releasing endorphins that can boost your mood and reduce stress. It can also help boost your immune system making you healthier and feeling better.

Smile, it’s so easy.


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